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Welcome to CallysEve

Welcome to CallysEve Boutique. At CallysEve, we take pride in providing unbelievable high quality products. We provide super stylish trendy products for kids and Women. Products like clothings, shoes, and accessories. Everything for everyone to look their best. We also have unmatched customer service and support team. Our products are super stylish and of great quality. We carry products from various top brands as well as replicas inspired by top brands. At CallysEve Boutique, excellent quality products and great customer service is our top priority. Fashion is our passion.


Evelyn Seibel cannot be defined by one word. She is an entrepreneur, a wife to her super supportive husband, a mother to her adorable two children, and a Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram content creator. She studied business management in college. She loves to smile among other things. Her love for fashion is credited to her late Dad, who taught her to choose quality when shopping. After facing a lot of challenges in her life, she realized that her dreams will come true if she believes in herself and creates her own opportunities. 

She started her YouTube Channel and began showcasing her products to her interactive audiences. She used to live in the UK and now lives in the USA with her beautiful family. The hardworking momtrepreneaur and YouTube content creator has established herself as a fierce businesswoman with an unmatched work ethic. She opened her online boutique knowing it would be a big challenge, but she says, “I’m glad I did it”.  It’s such a blessing from God to be able to bring all my creative vision to life.”

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